Thursday, 30 April 2015

Cool sleepover vid: girls rool sleepover.


Scary sleepover!

Sleepover video corner

How to make sleeping masks for your sleepover.

Enjoy vid!

how to get ready for bed at a sleepover

Enjoy the vid! : )

how to have a perfect sleepover!

To have a perfect sleepover, follow these steps: 1. Make or get invitations. 2. Plane the date. Then hand out the invitations! 3. Get exsited! 4. The day befor the sleepover pick a room. For example I choose my front room. 5. Hang curtins up and around the openings to get into that room. That way no one can see into the room. 6. Make shore you have electronics in that room: ) 7. Make shore their is enough room for all the sleeping bags. Only let you and your friends into the blocked off room. 8. Make shore you have popcorn, chips, pizza, and much more junk food in that room. 9. Make shore that if its a birthday sleepover that your cake is ready. For a real sleepover cake, make the cake focused on a sleepover. For example, add sleeping bags. 9. Add decorations. Make shore that if its a b-day sleepover, you have a spot to put your presents. 10. Make shore no one argues and you all have the.... PERFECT SLEEPOVER! Thanks. Enjoy.